The 4 Keys to Successful Tinnitus Management (Video)

The 4 Keys to Successful Tinnitus Management (Video)


The TAV believes that there are 4 effective keys to successful tinnitus management. These are clearly explained in a video recorded to explain these key steps in detail.

If you want to learn how to manage your tinnitus, the video is essential viewing.

The video is supplied via a downloadable link, once payment is received.

The video runs for approximately 55 minutes. If after watching the video you have any questions, you are welcome to call and speak to one of our TAV counsellors.

The video was given to 4 leading tinnitus experts around the world for review, their testimonials follow:



Four internationally respected tinnitus experts have viewed the video and their testimonials follow.

This video presents a powerful first hand understanding of tinnitus. This will validate and provide reassurance to many people with tinnitus and provide a clear pathway towards successful tinnitus management.

Myriam Westcott BSc, Grad Dip Aud,
Audiologist, Tinnitus and Hyperacusis Therapist Melbourne, Australia.


Ross McKeown presents a most informative video about tinnitus. He provides an up to date account of
tinnitus and first class advice on how to manage it. The information is provided in a clear, supportive
and reassuring way that will be of benefit both for those who are new to tinnitus and to those who
have lived with it for many years.

Ross’s remarkable ability to weave personal experience with the latest scientific views is a real strength of the video. I will be delighted to recommend this video to my patients.
It’s a great video. Well done!

Laurence McKenna, BSc MClinPsych PhD Post Grad Dip Cognitive Therapy Head of Clinical Psychology in Adult
Audiology, Royal Throat Nose and Ear Hospital, London


I highly recommend this video as essential viewing for all people who have suffered from tinnitus.
Ross McKeown clearly describes the process by which tinnitus can become a source of distress and outlines a practical guide to the means by which we can, by challenging our fears and misconceptions, redefine tinnitus as just another background noise that we can eventually ignore without effort.

Ross Dineen, BSc PhD
Clinical Audiologist, Melbourne, Australia.


If one were to put a face on the misery of intrusive tinnitus, undoubtedly it would be the face of the androgynous creature in the 1883 masterpiece, The Scream, by Norwegian expressionist Edvard Munch.

With this video we now have a face to put on the mastery of intrusive tinnitus, the calm, knowledgeable, and reassuring face of Ross McKeown. And not only do we have a face, we have a pathway to get from the misery to mastery – The 4 Keys.

My congratulations to the Tinnitus Association of Victoria and to Mr. McKeown on a truly wonderful and inspiring contribution.

Stephen M. Nagler, MD FACS.
Atlanta, Georgia, USA