Adjusting your Lifestyle

The anecdotal evidence of a link between stress and the exacerbation of tinnitus is very strong.

It is therefore important that you reduce the amount of stress in your life whenever possible. Although stress is a part of everyday life, recognising those periods of stress and being proactive about reducing the stress levels by undertaking relaxation therapies is important in managing your tinnitus.


Reacting to Tinnitus

The more you pay attention to your tinnitus, the more sensitive your brain will become to the unwanted intrusion and the more distressing your tinnitus will become. In the early stages it is very easy to get into bad habits that will prevent you from reaching habituation. Some of the Do’s and Don’ts of managing your tinnitus are:


  • Continually monitor the level of your tinnitus
  • Work through an endless range of cures
  • Live in hope of a miracle cure
  • Talk about it constantly with family and friends
  • Remain angry about this unfair intrusion in your life
  • Spend frequent periods listening to your tinnitus
  • Remain anxious/depressed about your tinnitus
  • Feel guilty about not coping
  • Overcome your fear of tinnitus
  • Accept your tinnitus as a normal part of your life
  • Stop worrying about it
  • Keep busy and focus on stimulating and enjoyable activities
  • Surround yourself with ambient and environmental sounds
  • Gain strength from others who successfully manage their tinnitus
  • Employ relaxation & stress management strategies that work for you